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Saturday 15th February 2020
Tracey Dennison

February 2020 So, this month I wrote a book! Well actually, it’s taken several months and it’s my second book (my first one, aimed at patients to give safety advice etc is here).

My second offering is to help other professionals in the industry with their business development and mindset approach.

Why on earth would I write a book to help my direct competition to thrive, I hear you ask?! Well, it’s simple really and the reason I love the Aesthetics industry in the first place. It’s all about lifting each other up, helping each other to flourish, to succeed, to fly. I love the clinical side of my business, the way it helps my patients develop their self-confidence, self-image and self-belief. Supporting my patients to feel good, my students to learn or my mentees to develop in their own business is what it is all about for me and I have found that by sharing good practice, supporting and helping others my own business also benefits.

In supporting, advising and treating my patients the same principals are at work. I don’t always treat people who book in (there are numerous reasons why someone may not be a good fit for certain aesthetic treatments), but I do always support, advise and give honest opinions. We always try to support and lift my patients up.

Aesthetic procedures are not without their risks. Whilst I take whatever steps I can to reduce the risk involved when undertaking any treatment, the risks remain and occasionally undesired side effects do occur. On the rare occasion that problems do crop up we take our patients worries and concerns very seriously and we work together to manage any problems to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Again, lifting people up, supporting patients through the anxieties of this process and taking the time to listen to our patient’s concerns are an essential part of the process.

I’m so excited to see my new book (there’s nothing quite like a printed, final copy)! But it’s the ethics behind it which really matter. Support, kindness, education, information and wanting the best for others are themes common to both the clinic, training, mentoring and coaching sides of our business; it’s what we do, it’s who we are!

Interested to have a copy of the new book? You can find it here from 22/2/20 (or pre-order now)!

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