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Covid 19 / Carona Virus – our approach and advice

Friday 13th March 2020
Tracey Dennison

C19 is a serious worldwide problem. This virus is causing a huge amount of disruption and confusion. We’d like to offer some reassurance with regards our business approach to the current situation:

  • Handwashing is important in containing this virus as is the case in normal day to day life. Good hand hygiene using soap and water is the best way forward.
  • Alcohol hand gel has its place if there are no handwashing facilities available but alcohol gel does not kill certain bacteria (including C-Difficile which can cause a virulent stomach disorder). Soap and water does.
  • Soap is flying off the supermarket shelves. Remember that shower gel, bubble bath and washing up liquid is fundamentally soap – there’s plenty to be had, use what there is.

In clinic we always clean and reset between patients (standard practice for us, C19 or not).

  • We allow plenty of time between patients to ensure the clinic is properly cleaned before the next patient is due to attend.
  • We use hospital grade cleaning products to ensure our areas are as clean as possible.
  • We have introduced the option of video discussions (clinical consultations for prescription medication must be face to face) for those who wish to have a discussion but would prefer not to come to the clinic.
  • We do not use masks as we know these create an environment in which bacteria can flourish.
  • We would ask, if you are unwell, please postpone your appointment for the sake of our staff, yourself and our other patients.

Aesthetic procedures are wonderful for improving how we feel, lifting confidence and bringing back sparkle but they are non-essential elective procedures.

If you are worried about attending clinic at this time, have any concerns or are not feeling 100% well then please postpone your appointment. We are happy to rearrange appointments in the interests of physical and mental health. We only ask you inform us if you’d like to change your appointment, our standard policy applies for patients who don’t attend without prior cancellation.

Keep safe and well everyone.

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