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East Riding Aesthetics and The National Medical Weight Loss Programme

Wednesday 23rd September 2020
Tracey Dennison

Introducing the National Medical Weight Loss Programme!

National Medical Weight Loss Certified Partner

So, I totally missed out August in the Blog post world and I can’t tell you too much about where September went either – I think this whole Covid malarkey is speeding up time! Perhaps part of the reason time has whizzed by is related to the shear amount of work and developments we are bringing you within ERA&W, there is so much going on!

As well as all our usual Aesthetic treatments (which we’re still studying hard around so we can bring you the best and safest techniques there are), we have partnered with the National Medical Weight Loss Programme. This is a government backed initiative, to help people who have health issues related to their weight, loose a few pounds using medication in combination with activity and a reduction in their overall calorie intake. We’re offering this as a 1 to 1 package of care to help and support you whilst you adjust to a new way of being and start to enjoy the related health benefits. There are no group sessions or embarrassing group weigh-ins here. We look after you and metaphorically hold your hand whilst you get your plan under way. I’ll be honest, this is no silver bullet, it requires dedication and commitment, but some of the results have been amazing and we’re really excited to be able to bring this as an option to you (formally launching on 9/10/20)

We do believe, however, that there is so much more to a healthy lifestyle and feeling good than diet and weight related issues which is why we are also launching ‘Positive Reflections: Body and Mind Programme’. This package encompasses the medical side of weight management in collaboration with other lifestyle experts who support with a variety of therapies, techniques, tools and advice. Using a combination of approaches (largely 1 to 1 with the potential for some group work outside of your medical management). We are incredibly excited to be a part of something which will focuses on the person rather than the problem and helps address real change in behaviors and mindset in a positive health journey – the initial package is launching on 19/10/20.

Positive Reflections: Body and Mind Ultimate really is rather special. It won’t be for everyone, but this high-end package brings together so many experts including; Medical, Therapies, Psychology, Mindset, Personal Training and more. If you really need to get on track and have the will power and resources to do so, this is for you! Again, a 1 to 1 package, this really looks to target all angles in your health and wellness journey. We will tailor your care, support, guide and cheerlead you towards your goals. This one is still under development but we will keep you posted and can’t wait to have this amazing service available to you.

Positive Reflections: Ladies of a Certain Age! Also in the developmental stages, this package of wellness is just for the peri-menopausal and menopausal woman (aged 45+). Again, using a multifaceted approach we are constructing a package to support, advise, educate and provide care for ladies going through what can be a very challenging time of their lives. Using a combination of one to one medical care and both one to one and group support from a variety of therapies we look to really understand each individual’s menopausal challenges and how we can help bring balance, reassurance, calm, coping strategies and a little bit of fun and joy into the process. Whilst still under development there are elements of this service already available (please contact us if you are interested). You will all be the first to know as soon as this one goes live!

So, can we be forgiven for missing an August Blog – I hope you agree that maybe, just this once, we can!

Hoping everyone is keeping safe and well? We know times recently have been incredibly challenging for some people and send all our love and support to those who are struggling. Sending lots of love to everyone and look forward to updating you again in October!

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