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How to plan my treatments so I look fabulous for Christmas

Monday 11th November 2019
Tracey Dennison

Eeek, it’s coming, like it or not folks, Christmas is not too far away!

There’s so much to do isn’t there; relatives to invite, people to buy for, meals to cook, presents to buy it’s easy to get stressed, tired and feel a little less than sparkling buy the end of it.

In an amongst all of this we’ve got events to attend and plan for. This can involve new outfits (shoes and bag too maybe!) so we look and feel amazing at your Christmassy events, my top tip, don’t forget your skin!

Tiredness, stress and the winter weather can all take its toll on our appearance at a time of year when we often want to look particularly great. So, how to get glowing skin and any other little enhancements sorted so you are looking your best for the festivities?

My advice is, work backwards! By this I mean find the date when your first event is (that you want to look even more amazing for) and plan around that. Different treatments have a different length of time to fully settle but, as a general rule, for wrinkle relaxers, allow 4 clear weeks between treatment and event; two weeks for the initial treatment to settle and an additional 2 weeks just in case you need any adjustments.

For dermal fillers work backwards at least 2 weeks (possibly 3) to allow any bruising and swelling to fully settle before your big occasion.

Other treatments such as Profhilo (bioremodeller) may require a couple of treatments 4 weeks apart so again, work backwards and plan your treatment appointment accordingly.

With this in mind, you may find you don’t have too much time left from now and appointments everywhere will be filling fast so do get booked in.

Make sure that even if you do feel a little frazzled, slightly disorganised and don’t know quite which end of the Christmas Cracker is which come the big day, you do it with your best smile and your brightest, sparkly-est positive reflection!

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