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Menopause Advocates!

Saturday 28th January 2023
Tracey Dennison

We are so excited to soon be opening the doors to our Menopause Advocacy Programme! If you work in or are part of any medium/large organisations (or even small ones), you need to know about this. We train women (and men if they so desire) to have a deeper understanding of the peri-menopause and menopause and the effect this can have on individuals within their various environments (particularly the workplace). Our MAs can be identified when wearing their Menopause Advocate Lanyard as someone who can be approached to give support, signpost to appropriate services and lend a listening ear. The MAs have exclusive access to a closed forum in which to raise questions, see relevant updates and share information as well as priority access to the events and retreats we run. As menopause is becoming more of a ‘hot topic’ particularly in the work environment having Menopause Advocates is becoming and essential role in staff support.

Our doors open four times a year and we are looking forward to our Spring 2023 intake! Fees are £175 for the initial training 2-3 hours via zoom (we allow time for a lot of discussion) and thereafter £180 per annum (£15 per month) for ongoing registration, support and information sharing. Register your interest now at www.menopause-advocates.co.uk

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