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Reflections on an awesome 2019

Wednesday 1st January 2020
Tracey Dennison

Where to start?

2019 was such an amazing adventure it’s difficult to know where to begin.

We started the year with East Riding Aesthetics Ltd and ended it with East Riding Aesthetics Training and Tracey Dennison; mentoring and business & mindset coaching added on!

We started with our original core team and ended the year with our amazing vPA in the fold.

We started working from one venue, we now have 2!

We started with our own ideas but some lack of direction in terms or realising them and finished the year having done some epic mindset work, business coaching and a huge amount of personal development.

We started the year with one book to our name and ended it with … actually, still just on the one book – but number 2 is not far away!

We had the immense privilege of being shortlisted for Aesthetic Nurse of the Year in the British Aesthetic Awards the highlight being spending the most amazing time at the ceremony. Even more importantly the lead up to the ceremony provided the opportunity to speak with loads of people about the Aesthetics Industry, our work and crucially safety within the industry. We’ve been on local radio, national livestreams and met some truly fabulous people as well as catching up with an amazing bunch we already know and love.

AA2019 finalist

We’ve done training (boy have we done training!) this last year. Starting, as always, with the fabulous MDM training hosted by Allergan in London last February, we’ve been to training days/evenings and conferences with the very best in the business to make sure we’re up to date and as safe as possible for our patients. In addition, Tracey has qualified as a coach and developed the mentoring side of the business to include training (yes, we are a registered training school), formal mentoring and business and mindset coaching (a total game changer for any business).

On the coaching arm we’ve just launched the ‘their face, your business’ initiative, to support practitioners and/or those in the business side of aesthetics with the coaching and mindset aspects of business development.

Excitingly we’ve also just lunched our first Udemy course to support those just setting up in the aesthetics world and already have people subscribed and giving fabulous reviews.

We have loved, loved, loved supporting other medical practitioners in the industry to do well – it’s all about support and lifting each other up isn’t it.

So what’s next? Well a rest would be nice, but that’s just not in our nature!

There’s more coming – We currently have openings for 2 trainees on our medical aesthetics training programme however, there’s lots of interest here so that may not be available for long. Our training is strictly 1:1, it’s a totally innovative model of training which allows students to build their business whilst they learn, spaces have been snapped up!

The ‘their face, your business’ Facebook group is in a fledgling state but looking to grow and will be offering free masterminds and workshops in the coming months.

We are in the process of CQC assessment – fingers crossed for that one!

Book number 2 is well on its way; also covering the business and mindset angle of the aesthetics world.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be speaking from a business mindset viewpoint at the Aesthetics Medicine conference in London at the end of February – so many exciting things planned for that!

There will be more online training coming soon.
Our mentorship programme is ongoing.

It’s all exciting stuff however … at our heart we are a Medical Aesthetics Clinic, here to serve our patients and despite all of this development, patient care and treatments remain at the absolute heart of what we do.

We are so, so grateful to our wonderful patients who have kept returning to us time and time again, we are grateful for the appreciation and the lessons we have learned along the way.

We are grateful that we can bring a bit of happiness, confidence and sparkle to our wonderful patients who absolutely deserve to look and feel their best.

We are grateful for the support, our amazing core team, our wonderful vPA (Lorraine) and absolutely everyone else who has taken the time to connect, like or comment on a post, come for a consultation or treatment or held us up/held space for us in any way.

We’re grateful to have learned so much from some wonderful people (our business coach especially) and to have ended 2019 on an absolute (exhausted) high.

At the end of so much activity it’s always important to take time and space to reflect and relax, that’s what the last couple of weeks has been about – and we still have a few days of that left! Come the 7th January, we’ll be back at it and really, we just can’t wait.

Year on year we’ve consistently grown and developed and just can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for us – we know for sure that January is going to be a busy one!

Sending so much love and gratitude to you all xxx

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