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September Updates!

Sunday 3rd September 2023
Tracey Dennison

We’re very excited to share some important updates for September.  It’s extremely encouraging that the government have opened a consultation into the regulation of Aesthetic treatments in England.  At present, literally anyone can legally pick up a needle and starting injecting treatments like chemical wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers.  I cannot stress enough how these treatments should never be considered ‘beauty’.  They carry serious medical risks including vascular occlusion, blindness, anaphylaxis, delayed onset nodule formation amongst many others.  Not only do patients need a full medical assessment prior to treatment (not every treatment is medically suitable for everyone), all of these complications require someone medical (a prescriber who can fully assess patient’s medical history, manage an airway, diagnose and treat infection) to resolve or manage the problem.   

In my opinion, no one should be doing these treatments if they are not capable of managing the complications and this is why injectable aesthetics treatments should be restricted to the confines of medical professionals (Dr’s, Nurses and Dentists) only.  In fact, in most of the rest of the world this is exactly the case; the UK are lagging behind massively.   The consultation is open for anyone to comment on until 28th October at: Licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England – Department of Health and Social Care (dhsc.gov.uk) if you would like to contribute.

Also, for our lovely peri-menopause or menopausal ladies, we have recently launched our ongoing menopause care package.  We are very mindful how much the economy is squeezing the purse strings and want to support our ladies to have the best care possible.  Therefore, for those who wish, we have launched an option to access our ongoing care via a monthly membership.  This is for follow-up menopause care after the initial consultation.  It includes all follow-up appointments, liaising with other professionals (GP letters etc), queries via email / text (expect in-hours responses) and in-clinic or video call appointments.  This service does not cover prescription fees or laboratory tests. The ongoing care service is £12.50 per month and those who wish to can sign up on this link:  Buy memberships at East Riding Aesthetics & Wellness – 10 Molescroft Drive – Beverley | Fresha

Of course, patient’s are welcome to pay per appointment but this usually works out as a more expensive option. 

Equally, if our ladies are happy to let their GP manage their menopause care going forward, we completely understand and won’t be at all offended, the door is always open to return in the future.

We believe we offer an outstanding service covering the full range of menopause care integrated with lifestyle medicine and are passionate about helping anyone struggling to access this.

We also continue to support menopause in the workplace and love to work with our corporate partners, so if your organisation needs some support, please feel free to get in touch.

As always, we really appreciate all of our fantastic patients, your positivity, support and amazing feedback really is valued, thank you so much.

Wishing you a wonderful September!

Tracey & the ERA&W team

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