East Riding Aesthetics & Wellness


Our packages are intended to provide an introduction to aesthetic treatments. As always, our intention is to help our patients feel more confident, find their sparkle and put their best smile on! These taster packages are no different but rather than a large impact treatment which may feel ‘too much’ for someone new to these kind of treatment, they offer a discrete enhancement which will provide a flavour of what our treatments can do for you.

The results will be subtle and some treatments may not be appropriate for all patients. Our Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner, Tracey, will advise which treatments will be beneficial for you. There are a range of options which include wrinkle reducing treatments, enhancement of skin quality, subtle cheek enhancement and subtle lip enhancements. We are happy to advise which package would be a good starting point for you depending upon your medical history, skin condition and desired outcomes.

All treatments require a full medical review prior to the treatment and we encourage you to ask any questions regarding your planned treatment. Appointment times are very generous so patient’s do not feel rushed and can take their treatments completely at their own pace; if you need a breather, that’s fine!

As always, please remember to call from the car prior to coming into clinic so we can undertake your Covid screen and please arrive on time (very early or too late has a knock on impact for other patients so we always appreciate your timely arrival).

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